Born in Delft, the Netherlands, 1962

Based in Istanbul since 1989

Experienced journalist. Covered Turkey, Iraq, Iran, the Caucasus and Central Asia for Dutch, Belgian and American media –print, radio and T.V.

In Brief

How can I die

When a mad bird


on a mad branch

H.F. Dağlarca

“After witnessing a prison riot being brutally crushed, I made up my mind: I was staying. For two decades I have reported on issues of life and death, all so close to the surface here. Turkey and its Middle Eastern neighbours are marred by rebellion, wars, revolutions, oppression and torture. People struggle for dignity. In an odd way, all this makes me feel very much alive -- and provides substantial raw material for my novels.”

Happy Hour: first thriller in Dutch, set in The Hague, published in 2009

Faces of Istanbul: tales from a city between two continents: personal travelers' companion to Istanbul, appeared in Dutch in 2008

The Golden Apple: Turkey between East and West: a modern history of Turkey in Dutch, published in 2002

“Explorer of the dark side of human nature – violence, sexual abuse, emotional blackmail -- partly so I can run better and faster away from it. After college in Holland, I traveled to Turkey to explore the boundaries of my protected European life.”